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17 Oct 2017

Dinosaur’s Love Underpants is a funny story about dinosaurs. The children sorted the dinosaur’s pants and pegged them one the line. They dressed up as dinosaurs and acted out the story.



The children helped to make an erupting volcano by mixing together food colouring, washing up liquid, vinegar and baking soda.


 They also made T-rex out of boxes, tubes, glue and tape. It was a bit tricky attaching the arms!

 After learning about volcanoes the children worked together to make an applique volcano.

 The children pretended to be palaeontologists, and they used brushes and scraping tools to excavate a dinosaur fossil.

The children looked at the features of dinosaurs and discovered that some were carnivores and some were herbivores. They then helped to feed the dinosaurs plants or meat!


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