Class Poem and Paintings

26 Feb 2015

Albatross Class is enjoying reading and responding to the book 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells. We are very proud of our class poem and Art work based on the book.    

Winter Landscape
Turn your face into the east wind and if you see forever, you will see Ivan’s land.
It is a land where there is a carpet of soft, creamy, thick snow stretched across the colossal Rocky Mountains.
Where the trees stand naked in the soft, fluffy snow that covers the ground like a frozen, white blanket.
Where majestic snow owls roam the night and long, sharp icicles glimmer in the darkness;
Where the frost is as cold as polar bears who have been in the arctic water.
Where soft, fluffy snow falls; drifts in the cold and glimmers in the quiet darkness.
Where branches are draped with sheets of snow, nestled under the blanket of the plain, white sky.
Where icicles are as razor sharp as knives; fluffy snow covers the ground like a pristine, silky carpet and tree branches are draped with white frost like angel wings.
Where the snow is as white as an angel’s wing, very soft, fluffy and glistening brightly in the morning sunshine.
Where crystal clear icicles fall gently onto the glistening, frozen waterfall.
Albatross Class Poem



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