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05 Nov 2018
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Structures - Bridges

29 Mar 2016

We absolutely loved this topic! Year 5 spent 3 weeks researching, testing, designing, making and evaluating bridges! 
We studied at the different types of bridges in the world: cantilever, arch, truss, suspension and beam. Throughout this process, we were continously thinking about the type of bridge we would want to design, bearing in mind that it had to withold heavy weights and withstand strong winds - just like bridges around the world. 

Although we each had our own ideas, we brought them together in groups of 4-5 and begun designing our group bridge. We had a DT workshop where we spent the whole day building our bridges and then testing them at the end.

They were amazing - a huge success! 

Below are some pictures of the build up to the workshop and the workshop itself.

Can you guess which type of bridge each group has made?

This is the first practical activity where Year 5 experimented with different shapes of bridges. This encouraged them to think about what would be practical and strong for their final design.










Here, Year 5 came together in groups to discuss their ideas and draw the design for their bridges. We had an opportunity to look at the materials we have to build the bridges too!










Next - the workshop! Below are pictures of Year 5 making the bridges in groups and testing them at the end of the day against weights and wind!












































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