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15 Jan 2018
Oliver Jeffers Week - Reading Buddies!
15 Jan 2018
Anglo-Saxon Assembly
20 Oct 2017
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05 Oct 2017
Science in Autumn 1
05 Oct 2017
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05 Oct 2017





Our Winter Landscape Class Poem

01 Feb 2017

Winter Landscape
Turn your face into the East wind and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land.
It is a land where the frozen icicles are as sharp as daggers
where majestic snowy owls as white as frost glide across the icy landscape
where armies of pine trees, laden with snow stand shoulder to shoulder across the icy plains while the scent of cinnamon fills the air
where snow covers the frozen ground like icing on a cake
where the bright, creamy, silky snow seems to shimmer in the sunlight
where frozen glass waterfalls reflect the crisp sunlight
where the bright, delicate snow hides the ground like a blank piece of paper
where razor sharp icicles hang like diamonds from glittering crystal palaces
where the snow is as soft as a baby owl’s feathers
where trees as thin as pencils pierced the frosty ground
where a shimmering snowy spirit whistles through the air
where the snow glitters like bright stars in the misty night sky
where shivering rabbits burrow underground to shelter from the swirling snow
where frozen leaves crunch loudly under your feet
By Giant’s Causeway Class

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