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Our nonsense poems!

14 Mar 2014


    I like a tushroom on the mushroom,
    Sometimes I think the bego is on the lego       ,
    And when the loor is next to the door,
    I like a blower in the shower
    Sometimes I think there's a flock on the clock.

    by Salas                                                                               
A zower in the shower.
                                                                                                  A moilet in the toilet!
                                                                                                         A nath in the bath.
                                                                                                                A nink in the sink
                                                                                                         by Michael

  Did you ever get a feeling
  There's a Loor on the door,
  Or a Glock on the clock?
  And when a Zider is on top of the spider,
  I like the Kego on the Lego
  But a Zug in the mug always makes me smile!

  by Haris

Meating was eating                                                 Did you  ever get the feeling
Plimb went for a climb!                                          There's a Sego on the lego, 
                                                                            Or a Wider on the spider.

by Kuba                                                                 Or a Hug on the mug
                                                                             Or a Woor by the door.

                                                                             by Ali   

There is a Rower in the shower.
There is a Bink in the sink.
There is a Shath in the bath, 
And a soilet in the toilet!

by Marcel                                


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