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Do You Dare?

09 Feb 2017

Do you dare wear a funny hat, or tell Mrs Donnelly she has a blue nose? 
As preparation for writing our own poems about the things we might dare to do we played a silly daring game and everyone joined in.


 can you guess what animal Janet is pretending to be?

 Max had to hop around the table

 Nicky was dared to tell Mrs Donnelly she was looking lovely.

 A throwing dare. Did  Max dare to do it?


 Yes he did!

 Daniel told me I had an apple on my head.


 Mrs Donnelly sang Happy Birthday to Hamish McTavish


 Hewad got tickled

 And Sejad had to say something kind to someone.

It was great fun and we were all ver brave.
Come and read the finished poems in Mount Fuji Room.

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What a lot of fun you had! How lovely for Ms Donnelly to be told she looked lovely!
Ms Sarah Deale - 09 Mar 2017 - 20:00
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