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Read our Evacuation Diaries!

10 Feb 2015

In English this term we are looking at non-fiction text.  As you know we have chosen the topic of World War 2 to inspire and interest the boys.
Through drama and role play we have tried to give the children the experience of evacuation. The sounds of an air raid and the experience of cramming into an air raid shelter.
These ‘experiences’ have enabled the children to write insightful and imaginative diary entries.

4th September 1939
Dear Diary,
Today was the worst day of my life! When I went to school, the place was bombed and I felt astonished. The tables had fallen and the place was destroyed. …….

Jude year 6
…….. The WAF lady told me that the war had started and we had to go to the countryside quickly.  The WAF lady took us to the train station.

Michael year 4
…….. When I saw the train I thought it looked like a black monster.  I felt frightened because I had never seen a train before.  When I got on the train I saw my mum at the back of the line waving and crying.

Haris year 4
........ I felt scared, frightened and sick because I might not see my parents ever again.  I had to put my gas mask on because the train might have been bombed.

Shahriar year 5
……… My mummy was wiping her eyes and crying.  It made me feel miserable.  I didn’t want to leave my mummy at Victoria Station.

Salas year 4
……… Then we went to the town hall and the Billet Officer was bossy because she told us where to go.  Then lots of ladies came and one took my sister and me. We went with a nice lady called Miss Rose.

Clayton year 5
………. We had to go with a lady called Miss Primley and we went to her farm with pigs, sheep and hens.  We ate egg beacause she had hens on her farm.  When we finished we went to bed and slept. I had a strange dream.

Joe year 5
……… Miss Primley checked me for good manners.  She told me to tidy all of her things.  She gave me dried bread and I felt really sad because I wouldn’t see my mum and dad for years.
Goodnight Marcel

Marcel year 3

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