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Maths in T.Rex Room

25 Nov 2015

Maths in T.Rex Room

In maths this term we have been telling the time and judging how long a minute is. We tried different tasks and counted how many times we could do something in a minute.   


 How many times can you throw and catch a bean bag in a minute?


 How many balls can you transfer with one hand in 1 minute?

 How many pegs can you put on Michael?



We are now looking at the features of 3D shapes. 

We played 'What's the Shape'. We described a shape by telling the group how many faces the shape had. Then we said how many edges it had. Finally we said how many vertices. 

It has 6 faces. It has 12 edges. It has8 vertices. What is it?

It has 2 faces. 1 edge and 1 vertex. What is it?


 Salas found a cube!

We went on a search around the school looking for 3D shapes.


Sephy found a cone.


Zinedine found a cylinder!

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