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How to embalm a body!!!

06 Dec 2016

We had a special visitor, all the way back through history to Ancient Egypt, that came to our class this morning.

She came to show us how to mummify a body.

Salas very bravely volunteered to be mummified. However, he looked a little worried when she got out a big hook and said she was going to pull his brains out through his nose!!!

Luckily Salas lived to tell the tale of his mummification.




The embalmer is about to pull the brains out!
Salas doesnt look happy!  We' re only pretending Salas.


The embalmer is stuffing the body with sawdust.


 Now she is wrapping the body in linen strips.


 Here are some of the items she used to embalm the mummy.


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Hmmmm the visitor looks vaguely familiar!
Ms Sarah Deale - 13 Dec 2016 - 20:24
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