Calendar & Diary

TERM DATES 2018-2019

Autumn Term 2018
First Half Wednesday 5th September - Thursday 18th October
Inset Days: 
Monday 3rd September 2018
Tuesday 4th September 2018
Friday 19th October 2018
Half Term Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October
Second Half Monday 29th October - Friday 21st December

Spring Term 2019
First Half Tuesday 8th January - Friday 15th February       
Inset day: Monday 7th January 2019
Half Term Monday  18th February - Friday 22nd February
Second Half Monday 25th February - Friday 5th April
Summer Term 2019
First Half Tuesday 23rd  April - Friday 24th May                    
May Day Monday 6th May 2018
Half Term Monday 27th May - Friday  31st May
Second Half Monday 3rd  June -  Tuesday 23rd July
Inset Day: Monday 17th June 2019
Inset Days ( Staff Training Days)
Monday 3rd September 2018
Tuesday 4th September 2018
Friday 19th October  2018
Monday 7th January 2019
Monday 17th June 2019

TERM DATES 2019-2020

Autumn Term 2019
First Half Wednesday 4th September - Thursday 17th October
Inset Days: 
Monday 2nd September 2019
Tuesday 3rd  September 2019
Friday 18th October 2019
Half Term Monday 21st October - Friday 25th October
Second Half Monday 28th October - Thursday 19th December

Spring Term 2020
First Half Tuesday 7th January - Friday 14th February       
Inset day: Monday 6th January 2020
Half Term Monday  17th February - Friday 21st February
Second Half Monday 24th February - Friday 3rd April
Summer Term 2020
First Half Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May                    
May Day Monday 4th May 2020
Half Term Monday 25th May - Friday  29th May
Second Half Monday 1st June -  Tuesday 21st July
Inset Day: Friday 12th  June 2020
Inset Days ( Staff Training Days)
Monday 2nd September 2019
Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Friday 18th October  2019
Monday 6th January 2020
Friday 12th June 2020


13th May - All week KS2 SATS Week
Monday 28th May - all week Year 6 School Journey
Monday 20th May - 10:10 AM Pathways Assembly
Tuesday 21st May - 6.30 PM Governors Learning and Teaching Committee
Friday 24th May - 8.30 AM Relationships and Growing - Year 6 Parents and Carers
Friday 24th May 9.15 AM Year 1 Class Assembly - Parents/Carers Welcome
Friday 24th May Break up for Half-Term 3.20 pm - Whole School
Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May Half-Term Holiday
Monday 3rd June Back to School 8.55 am
3rd June to 7th June - all week Facts Week
Tuesday 4th June Class Photos - whole school
Tuesday 4th June - 6.30 pm Governors F & P Committee
Friday 7th June Values Assembly
12th June Barnet Music Festival
Friday 14th June - 9.15 am Year 5 Class Assembly - Parents welcome

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