Our School Values

January - Patience
07 Jan 2018  -  Pri: 15/03/2018
Tolerance - Value of the Month
08 Dec 2017  -  Pri: 24/01/2018
November - Equality
19 Nov 2017
June's Value
07 Aug 2017



Our School Values

12 Jan 2016

Values Based School

05 Jan 2016

This term  are introducing a values based approach in school.
Our vision at Coppetts Wood Primary School is to develop confident, inquisitive, happy learners who
  • Are inspired to have a lifelong love of learning
  • Have high self-esteem, high aspirations and experience success
  • Show good behaviour, respect and responsibility and make a positive contribution to their school and community.
This means so much more than having a curriculum made up of English, maths, history, geography etc. and a set of static school rules. It means thinking about:
· Relationships— at all levels in the school and in the community
· Standards—of achievement and of behaviour
· School Ethos—and all those words relating to personal responsibility like honesty, determination and responsibility, creativity, perseverance and tolerance. All these qualities can make children more or less successful and more or less happy as they move forward in their lives. None of them form part of the published curriculum, but without them, children’s success and happiness are less likely to be achieved.
We now want to further raise standards by promoting a school ethos that is underpinned by core values (a value is a principle that guides our thinking and our behaviour). We are going to use an approach called Values Based Education to help us promote a greater understanding and working vocabulary with the children to enable them to become reflective learners within a calm purposeful atmosphere and ultimately achieve the best they can. In our society children are increasingly encouraged through advertising, to think of happiness as something that is simply found in the material world. As a school community we think the ethos of the school should be built on values.
So what will we be doing?
From the feedback from staff, governors and parents we have drawn up a list of values that we will be focusing on over the next two years.
A new value will be introduced each month so the children become familiar with the language and ideas.
We will send a newsletter home each month so that you can reinforce the value at home.
We will be reinforcing the values in lessons and around school.
We will be giving positive praise and recognition for those showing the values.
All adults in school will be trying to model the values.
 Based on all the feedback are values are:
1. Respect
2. Responsibility
3. Equality
4. Positivity
5. Perseverance
6. Co-operation
7. Self-belief
8. Kindness
9. Tolerance
10. Honesty
11. Patience
12. Empathy
13. Aspiration
14. Independence
15. Creativity
16. Fairness
17. Compassion
18. Friendship
19. Gratitude
20. Courage
21. Determination
22. Individuality 
If you wish to know more about Values Based Education please go tohttp://www.valuesbasededucation.com
  Our first Values assembly will take place on Friday and there will be a newsletter coming home!
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