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February 2019 - Politeness and Honesty
09 Feb 2019  -  Pri: 15/04/2019



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Our value for May is EMPATHY

20 May 2017

Our value for May is Empathy. Click here to see our assembly.

  -Values March 2017 Empathy-V201426238.pdf-  



This month’s art work…

  ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ by Jacob Kramer

Gandhi’s words touched millions of his countrymen. He was able to talk to  a massive crowd but make it feel to everyone listening that he was just talking  to them.   Gandhi’s use of empathy was a major part of his success in gaining the admiration of the people of India. They followed him because he was fighting their fight, he was one of them, and he lived in such a manner that reflected their lives.

He was appalled by the violence between Hindus and Muslims, and fervently opposed the creation of a separate Muslim state. A devout Hindu himself, he once declared to a group of Hindu nationalists: ‘I am a Muslim! And a Hindu, and a Christian and a Jew – and so are all of you’  -  one of the greatest empathetic statements of all time.

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