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Talent Show February 2018
As usual, we were extremely impressed with the variety and standard of the acts that took part in the Talent Show this year and we had a fabulous afternoon of entertainment.
Our fantastic hosts for the afternoon were Luke Martin and Sumeya Mukhtar - yr 6.

Our Judges, as ever, were School Council members along with a selection of adults. We are delighted to announce the results;

KS1 Winner
- Ellie May Johnson - yr 2Dancing and Gymnastics

KS1 Runner up - Tegan Scott-Hall - yr 1 - Telling Jokes

KS2 Winners - Yasin Maulidi, Subhan Yaqubi and Abdullah Ally - yr 6 - Dancing

KS2 Runner up - Saavan Bhatt - yr 4 - Dancing

Have a look at some of the acts which took part this year...





Quizmas 2017

Once again, we had a great afternoon of quizmas activities in our school council groups after our christmas lunch. There were some old favorites, along with a few new activities...
Each group was asked to turn a squiggle in to a picture of their choice.



 Each group were sent on their own treasure hunt around school, following picture clues.

We had a blindfolded, taste test! This year they sampled delights such as apple sauce mixed with curry powder, baked beans with chocolate custard and mushy peas mixed with mandarins. Yum Yum......
 Each group was given a couple of binbags from which they had to produce a christmas outfit. We were very impressed by our budding fashion designers and models....


 Other activities included: "Guess the coat" where each group was given a set of photos of different coats and they had to identify who each of the coats belonged to. There was also a quiz all about sweets and chocolate and an anagram quiz.

 Our Quizmas 2017 winners were..... Green Group!! Well done to everybody that took part.


 We are excited to announce that our School Council representatives for the academic year 2017-2018 have now been confirmed:

 Red Group                                           Blue Group                                         
Jessica Windsor (Y6) and Khadija Hamidi (Y3)    Luke Martin (Y6) and Amari Baranski (Y1)


Yellow Group                                       Turquoise Group

Grace Moran (Y5) and Eva Blackender (Y2)     Tay Minto (Y6) and Emma Speranza (Y3)
Orange Group                                    Purple Group

Souhayb Laghouati (Y6) and Kayden Haines (Y1)  Amelie Hall (Y4) and Marley Lewis-Hickey (Y3)


Green Group

Hivda Sonmez (Y6) and Elaheh Sajjadi (Y2) 

 September 2017 - Election Day
We held our School Council elections and as always, we were overwhelmed by the number of children wanting to take part. The candidates produced posters, many of which are displayed around the School Council board in the main entrance and they gave brief campaign speeches to their groups. All children and adults were then invited to vote for one child from years 1,2 or 3 and one child from years 4, 5 or 6 to represent their group on School Council.
























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